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Real Black News

Nov 30, 2020

Episode 106 of Real Black News features Finance Guru Lynnette Khalfani-Cox. Author of fifteen books and the New York Times Besteller Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom, Lynnette shares crucial tips for those at every financial level to manage or grow their money in 2021. She also gives perspective on Biden’s effect on the economy, companies that give to Black entrepreneurs in response to racial reckoning, owning seven homes, and the mindset that has led to the success of her financial education and consulting company LLC. Journalist Ronda Racha Penrice shares movies we should be watching from director Steve McQueen and Debbie Allen. Other topics include the connection between good health and HBCUs, Salt-N-Pepa, and more from the top five empowering Black news stories of the week.