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Real Black News

Jan 18, 2021

Episode 111 of Real Black News breaks down the New Civil War, the Capitol Hill Riots, and how religion is behind White Supremacist plans to take back America violently. This episode breaks down who they are, how they think, and how to be prepared to protect yourself by any means necessary. Two former soldiers join the show to give perspective. Former Army medic and author of Waging Peace, Diana Oestreich, shares how God and guns go hand-in-hand among the Christian Evangelicals who took over the Capitol. While former Navy Officer, personal protection expert, and Fruit of Islam soldier, James Claggion offers a Muslim perspective and crucial tips on protecting yourself during wartime. The episode ends with the premiere of “A Different World,” a new single inspired by the Capitol Hill riots, written and produced by Grammy-winning MC Speech Thomas of Arrested Development.