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Real Black News

Jul 11, 2021

Ep 127 of Real Black News features the top five empowering Black news stories of the week and this week’s guests: Entrepreneur, commercial real estate investor, and CEO of The Chicago TREND Corporation, Lyneir Richardson, who discusses his work empowering urban retail development via Black and Brown real estate investors. Balancing his mission while working as a professor at Rutgers Business School, Lyneir joins the podcast to discusses his success partnering with Black and Brown investors via crowdfunding to buy shopping malls nationwide to take reclaim our power. While real estate attorney Darryl Scipio shares three crucial tips for working with a real estate attorney. Other topics include the business man pushing for Black-owned social media platforms, Kenya’s electricity milestone, Prairie View A&M University’s partnership with multiple colleges in Africa, and more of the top five empowering Black News stories of the week. #RealBlackNews