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Real Black News

Jun 22, 2020

Episode 88 marks the two-year anniversary of Real Black News since launching on June 24, 2018. This episode features an intimate talk with Eric Garner’s youngest daughter, Emerald Snipe Garner, who discusses taking over the reins of fighting for justice after her sister, Erica Garner’s passing. Emerald discusses passing the No Chokehold Eric Garner Bill in NY, the next steps for taking it nationwide, taking care of her late sister’s children, dealing with the aftermath, and “fame” of being a survivor, and protecting her mental health from the trauma of it all.  CEO of Kids Who Bank, Jatali Bellanton, joins the Black Wall Street Report to give tips on how to teach children about money, while Journalist Ronda Racha Penrice reports on the protests in Atlanta in the wake of Rayshard Brooks’ murder, the white women sought for starting the Wendy’s fire after his death, and the celebrity-led rallies for justice for Kendrick Johnson. Other topics include Rwanda’s use of robots to fights Covid-19, Black Lives Matter Political Party, and more.