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Real Black News

Jan 19, 2020

Episode 68 of Real Black News features CEO of Girls for a Change, Angela Patton, awarded by Pres. Obama as a White House Champion of Change for heading up an organization dedicated to grooming black girls to be leaders throughout 100 branches nationwide. Angela discusses the importance of preparing black girls to work in all-white spaces, the issues behind asking black women to be silent and protective of black men accused of sexual assault, what parents need to do for black kids, and what happened when her girls met with Virginia Governor Northam after his blackface scandal. Ronda Racha Penrice joins the screengrab to review 50 Cent’s For Life, Ava DuVernay’s Cherish the Day, and black films dropping in 2020. Other topics include Oakland’s Mom’s 4 Housing, the NAACP’s lawsuit against the US Census Bureau, and more.