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Real Black News

Nov 8, 2020

 Episode 104 of Real Black News features a special celebration of Trump’s soon-to-come departure and the historic win of President-elect Joe Biden and the first woman, Black, and South Asian Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Correspondents from across the nation and world chime in from their respective states and countries. Atlanta-based reporter Ronda Racha Penrice discusses Georgia’s turn to blue, the past, and future of her state. While Paris-based journalist Epee Dingong reveals the Parisian outlook on the election and the state of emergency lockdown in France as it currently leads Europe in Covid-19 cases. While Brit Jatali Bellanton shares the outlook from NY and the UK while giving a comprehensive Black Wall Street Report on how Biden’s win will affect your money. Other topics include Black gun clubs created at churches, India’s spiritual response to VP Harris, Africa’s reaction to President Biden, and more of the top five empowering Black news stories of the week.