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Real Black News

May 25, 2021

Ep 124 of Real Black News features the top five empowering Black news stories of the week and this week’s three guests: Author Ronda Racha Penrice discusses her timely second book, Black American History for Dummies, where she breaks down historical facts that shaped America (starts 22:46). While therapist Camille Banks-Lee soothes the soul just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month with an important conversation about healthy ways to heal from and maneuver through racial trauma (starts 48:10). And civil rights lawyer Shavar Jeffries discusses legislation, policy wins, and battles since the murder of George Floyd (starts 1:11:40). Other topics include Africa Day, the first HBCU-made beer, Black farmers, and more of the top five empowering Black News stories of the week. #RealBlackNews