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Real Black News

Aug 19, 2018

Ep. 9 (August 19, 2018): Features the top 5 black news stories of the week with Afro-Puerto Rican activist, Rosa Clemente, giving an update on Puerto Rico and her outlook on the Catholic church, Amara La Negra and anti-blackness in the LatinoX community. Organizer of the white supremacist counterprotest, BLM DC's Makia Green, shares next steps. Veteran journalist Ronda Racha Penrice joins the Black Hollywood Report to discuss Lee Daniels, the Oscars, and Aretha Franklin. Jatali B shares investment tips with the Black Wall Street Report.

TIME STAMPS (Ep. 9: Aug. 19, 2018) 

  1. An update on Puerto Rico (4:40)
  2. Calling 911 on Black People Might Become a Hate Crime (20:20)
  3. Rosa on Running for Vice President with Cynthia Mckinney on the Green Party Ticket (22:39)
  4. Rosa on attending the Golden Globes with Susan Sarandon, Tarana Burke, & other activists (27:42)
  5. The Black Hollywood Report w/guest film reporter Ronda Racha Penrice (Lee Daniels, The Oscars, Aretha Franklin) (31:08)
  6. Emmanuel Baptist AME shooting survivor regrets forgiving Dylann Roof (44:00)
  7. Rosa on the Catholic church making her an Atheist (49:04)
  8. Rosa on identifying as a black Puerto Rican, LatinoX, Cardi B, Amara La Negra, and colorism issues in the Latino community. (50:02)
  9. Guest: Makia Green, BLM organizer of DC’s white supremacist counterprotest shares next steps (54:45)
  10. The Black Wall St. Report: The 4 Essential People You Need on Your Investment Team (1:05:44)
  11. Rival Chicago Gang Members Join Forces to Build Playground Together (1:11:30)
  12. Educators’ & Gen X Responsibility to Mentor and Groom Activists (1:15:09)
  13. New Music: Royce Hall “Shooting Stars” (1:20:26)